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Trilogy-Net has been providing PCB assembly solutions for the complex, high quality needs of IC manufacturers since the company started in 2001.

Trilogy-Net understands the evolving challenges facing IC manufacturers when it comes to manufacturing quality boards: constant innovation in a providing “more with less” world.  More components, and greater functionality,  is required from ever-shrinking form factors.  At the same time, the frequency of smaller runs increases as cycles shorten and specializations increase.  The bottom line is that we know there is less time and we need to be constantly looking for cost efficiencies, as there is also less money available to build this growing number of products. And if that isn’t enough, there is practically zero tolerance for error along the way.

Trilogy-Net’s skills and knowledge, based on significant experience with leading IC manufacturers, has led it to employ a rigourous yet lean manufacturing process to provide them with:

  • Optimized board panelization

  • Highly flexible BOM – tape and reel, cut tape, loose components

  • Parallel processing for rapid turnaround time for fully tested prototype

  • High quality, consistent manufacturing and optimized delivery with proven agile NPI model

  • Attention to detail including visual inspection at all stages and comprehensive testing

  • Complete solutions to full turnkey including IC test boards