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Successful manufacturing of oil and gas tools requires a proven understanding of the unique conditions in which these products must operate. In the world of oil and gas down-hole tools , harsh operating environments and challenges such as heat,  lack of ventilation, pressure, shock and vibration are a given.  A failure of the circuit board costs untold hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue due to down-time.

Trilogy has been manufacturing for the oil and gas industry since 2001. In addition to being ICP class 3 certified, our true test of quality and performance is in the work we do with some of the largest oilfield service providers in the world.

Trilogy-Net Inc. has consistently met the challenge for oil and gas tools by delivering:

  • Rapid prototype development and turnaround

  • Highly flexible BOM – tape and reel, cut tape, loose components

  • Processes designed for oilfield tool small run requirements

  • On-staff oil and gas expertise

  • Proven assembly and soldering methods developed specifically to address harsh oil and gas field conditions

  • Visual inspection at all stages and comprehensive manual and automated testing