Brutal and Demanding Environments

Trilogy-Net through research and development continues to push quality standards, for environments “When It Matters”.

Our vapor phase technology performs under both Aqueous and No Clean solder. Coupled with our 3D AOI, this gives you the next level of comfort, for when your products are in the field.

Other than in the field, testing is best way to confirm your products ability to operate in its environment.  Testing is collaborative process.  We have in-house testing, with many options. One is we  use a secure VPN, so that our customers, regardless of location, can see real-time test results.

When your product is encased in concrete, used in the aero space, High Density/High Performance PCB, high copper weight, or Aluminum PCB’s - Trilogy-Net is there “When It Matters”

Test Rack.jpg

When you're deep in the hole, and "When It Matters"

Complete and in-depth testing with live data to customer server. Through a secure VPN. 

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