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Trilogy-Net Inc. is a full-service electronics contract manufacturer.  We have been researching, investing and delivering product to demanding markets since 2000. In many cases, we are pushing the physics of manufacturing.

Trilogy-Net offers both Aqueous and No Clean solder processes, on both surface mount lines.  Our Stencilling process offers built in 2 ½ D SPI (solder paste inspection), detecting any print defects.  Both SMT lines have 2D AOI before reflow, and 3D AOI after placement (measuring to 50 microns/ half the thickness of a human hair).

Trilogy-Net is pleased to offer 2 types of reflow.  Standard Convection, and a new technology, called Vapor Phase reflow.  Vapor Phase reflow is very exciting as it offers exceptional soldering results, done in an Oxygen Free environment. It provides exceptional quality in High Copper, Aluminum PCB’s and temperature sensitive components.

Trilogy-Net's focus on flexibility in manufacturing allows designs to push the limits, while maintaining above standard quality in all our services.  Trilogy-Net offers Inventory Management, contract purchasing, through hole, conformal coating, X-ray, cables assembly, product testing, and mechanical assembly, custom packaging and end user shipping.


Trilogy-Net’s process was created to offer flexible manufacturing process with a variety of options.  Depending on your product needs, we feel we have unique solutions to meet your product requirements.  Whether it is demanding environments, RF (wireless), High density products, we offer variety of solutions.

Trilogy-Net offers, prototyping, Batch builds, and volume scheduled manufacturing.

Trilogy-Net, somehow, has integrated a variety of ethnic backgrounds, achieving a unique sense of camaraderie.  We all have different backgrounds, bringing together a respectful, and opened minded approach to achieving goals.  We socialize together as a company, and many members, socialize together outside of work.  This leads to pride, honesty, and sense of togetherness.  As the President, this is what I take to heart, we truly:

Trilogy-Net Logo Building Strong Connect
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