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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Trilogy-Net has employed a complete production line AOI solution. Trilogy-Net has SPI (solder Paste Inspection), pre reflow AOI (2D AOI), and final inspection 3D AOI.

SPI 2.5D

Before any components are placed, our process inspects solder placed on the bare board.  This addresses any solder issues, reducing any potential production issues.


After the placement of components all boards are machine inspected for component part number and polarity.


Our 3D AOI measures down to 50 microns.  This is the final automated process in inspection. This allows us to measure and verify  the quality of each solder joint, confirming all manufacturing process that proceeded.

The pictures below provide the results of these processes clearly, instead of words.


Deadly Tombstone

Heel Bridge

Insufficient Solder

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