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We are the Measuring Stick for your HDI PCBAs. We help bring your circuit boards for complex systems and harsh environments to market, flexibly and efficiently.

How can we solve your manufacturing challenge?

Equipment is equipment, it is our culture and diverse team that makes us unique. Trilogy-Net has been in business for over 20 years – we have staff and customers that have been with us every step of the way. This is the Trilogy-Net culture, this is how we achieve our success, by

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For a detailed guideline of our manufacturing capabilities, contact our team:


When choosing our manufacturing equipment our focus was on flexibility, not cost. In our processes, we have standardized on duplicating platforms at every stage of manufacturing. Printers, Pick & Place, and Reflow. All platforms are identical, but each offers a different degree of flexibility.


We can collaborate with your engineers on manufacturing constraints, identify opportunities to increase efficiency, and improve product reliability. We have a dedicated NPI team ready to make your new design perform.


We are excited to introduce a new reflow technology called, Vapor Phase. First, there was IR, then convection reflow. We believe Vapor Phase will address certain manufacturing application obstacles. It offers numerous advantages/benefits depending on your application over the conventional reflow process. It addresses tombstoning, shadowing, and oxidization-free soldering. Simply put, it makes a difference!


Our Vapor Phase addresses the challenges around manufacturing these complex PCBs. Some of our advantages include uniform heat distribution, elimination of cold solder joints, and reduced heat exposure. The components are no longer required to “fight” for the heat they require to perform.


We work together with our customers to rapidly respond to their real-time demand signals, this allows us to produce, assemble, test, and deliver finished goods in the time frame required. Using state-of-the-art Manufacturing Resource Planning Software, we continuously optimize raw materials and finished goods inventory levels on hand.


Trilogy-Net's commitment is in redundancy as all three production lines offer flexibility on the same core platforms. This flexibility addresses production volumes from small to medium.


Our stencil printing provides 2.5D inspection. Our pre-flow 2D AOI identifies missing components, polarity, and correct component placement. The final inspection is performed with 3D AOI to confirm quality solder joints, reducing the need for rework after testing. All stages of our manufacturing process are subject to AOI inspection. We work with our customers to determine the most efficient next-level testing for their products.


Our team has the unique skills required for in-house cable assembly, mechanical assembly, and asset tracking. We document and demonstrate the most efficient process to get your product to market.

Trilogy-Net, through research and development, continues to redefine quality standards for environments “When It Matters”.​

Our Vapor Phase technology performs under both Aqueous and No Clean solder. Coupled with our 3D AOI and EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing, this gives you the next level of comfort and confidence when your products are performing in the field.

Other than in the field, testing is best way to confirm your product's ability to optimally function in its environment. Our testing procedure is a collaborative process. We have in-house testing with many options including the use of a secure VPN, allowing our customers, regardless of location, to see real-time test results.

When your product is encased in concrete or used within aerospace and defense, for high density/high performance PCBAs, high copper weight, or Aluminum PCBA’s - Trilogy-Net is there:


Brutal and Demanding Environments

Redefining the Boundaries of Electronics Manufacturing

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