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EMI / EMC Testing

We offer on-site pre-compliance near-field testing for electromagnetic interference using our high-precision EMScannerR. The scanner contains a network of magnetic field probes that detect magnetic fields. This allows us to identify any unwarranted frequencies and radiation. Our EMScannerR has the capability to scan up to 8 GHz and the scanning only takes a few seconds. This analysis provides confidence in certification as it assists in troubleshooting.

We are:

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We have a dedicated lab and lab technician for EMI/EMC Scanning.

We are capable of performing spectral scans to identify problem frequencies at which the EMI is occurring. As shown, we can see which frequencies have the biggest amplitude.

Spectral Scans

Spatial Scan.png

Spatial scans allow us to see exactly where the source of EMI is emanating from on the PCBA. This near-field scan allows people to identify and account for EMI with real-time feedback.

Spatial Scans

Spatial Scan 3D.png

3D viewing option helps in visualizing the amplitude of the EMI. This allows us to see exactly how big the radiation is compared to the rest of the board.

3D Viewing


Our EMScannerR is from Y.I.C Technologies can scan frequencies up to 8 GHz and only takes a few seconds. There are multiple levels of spatial scanning and includes interleaved scanning as well.

EMScanner by Y.I.C. Technologies

Book an EMI/EMC Scan

EMI/EMC Near-Field Scan

Our pre-compliance testing includes:

  • Full spatial and spectral scans up to 6 GHz

  • Written report of all scans

  • 3D images where applicable

  • Removal and replacement of components (labour only - component cost not included)

  • Certified EMC/EMI Scanning Technician

Pricing (usd)

First hour (min. charge)

Second Hour (additional)

Three Hours +

 -     $500

 -     $350

 -     $200/hr

For more details on pre-compliance scanning and requirements, please read our info sheet:

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