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Our History

Trilogy-Net has been delivering products to the market since 2000 and this is how the story begins. It was right after the “dot-com bubble”. Two guys who were out of work and didn’t make money nor lose money on the stock market. They were two guys who had no money, but an idea! They sat down in a Chinese restaurant over hot pot, and it started from there. There was no family or friends’ money, just two guys saying, “We could do it!”. Three years of no salary, just a lot of hard work and learning, but we did it!

The early stages were very rough. For our first production floor, we subleased some space, got some equipment, and gained our first three employees. These three employees are still with us to this day, working diligently. One day, our landlord came and said to us, “So guys, bad news, we haven’t paid the mortgage in a couple of months and the bank will be by sometime at night to lock everything up. Sorry guys, just a heads up.” I don’t recall all the emotions I had if any. We looked at each other and asked, “What do we do?”. We rented a U-Haul! Every night we packed up the U-Haul, drove a couple of blocks away, and parked it overnight. We arrived in the morning and, if our keys worked, unloaded the U-Haul and started production. Although it was a hard time, we persevered through it, and it only lasted for a couple of weeks.

By this time, we were about 2-3 years in business. Everything was going back into Trilogy-Net with slow, but steady progress. Finally, we won our first larger contract. Life was blue skies and rainbows until the third payment was due. It was no problem, we just had to kick into firefighting mode. Then the fourth and fifth payments went by, with no money but a rich inventory. Looking back, I am not sure what we did, but whatever we did, it worked. Life teaches you lessons.

Ten years in the running we grew immensely as a company. We had our good years and bad years but we moved forward and kept reinvesting. However, we suffered another big blow. Terry Ho, one of the founders, passed away due to illness. He, in a sense, is still with us; his influence, his guidance, and mentorship are often mentioned and applied. He is gone but not forgotten!

The fundamentals that the company was founded on, the best product and the best service, will make us the BEST. We don’t like the term best or leader in an industry which is why we use this saying to push us instead: “The Measuring Stick”.

Fast forward to today, we’ve had our ups and downs, made some mistakes, corrected them, and moved on. I believe we support what we say we can do. Being in business this long, retaining four of our original staff, and maintaining our first three customers speaks to this. Having our company grow as a whole, we look forward to writing the next 20 years with you. 


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