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Terms and Conditions

We at Trilogy-Net Inc. take great pride in the quality of our work and have formed our Terms and Conditions with the goal of preserving that quality of work. The outlined Terms and Conditions outrank any other Terms and Conditions.

1. Quotes are based on client-provided information (including but limited to Gerber, BOM and Drawings), are valid for 5 days, and subject to change.


2. Online price quotations are based on client-provided inputs and are subject to change.


3. Trilogy-Net Inc. will endeavor to honor our quoted component(s) pricing. However, a price adjustment may be required in the event of component(s) price increase from our supplier(s).

4. Turn time is in business working days excluding public holidays and is subject to change in the event of unexpected delays.


5. Turn time starts after PO is received by Trilogy-Net Inc., all parts are received in-house, and/or payment is received, depending on the terms agreed to on the Purchase Order.


6. Customer Credit, deposits, and/or COD may be required until credit is established by the Trilogy-Net inc. accounting department.


7. Trilogy-Net Inc. acknowledges receipt of the Deposits. Trilogy-Net Inc. acknowledges and agrees that in the event Trilogy-Net is unable to provide Goods and/or Services within the time frame set forth in the applicable Purchase Order, at Customer’s sole and absolute discretion, Customer may elect to terminate the Purchase Order. If Customer elects to terminate the Purchase Order, Trilogy-Net shall immediately cease producing the (Goods and/or Services). Within 30 days after the termination of the Purchase Order, Trilogy-Net shall invoice Customer (the "Final Invoice") for the cost of (a) all remaining (Goods and/or Services) under the Purchase Order that constitute finishedGoods, and (b) the portion of all contracts for all materials and supplies purchased by the Trilogy-Net for the manufacture of the (Goods and/or Services) that cannot be canceled. The amount of the Final Invoice shall be credited against the Advance Payment, and the remaining balance of the Advance Payment shall be returned to the Customer. If the amount of the Final Invoice is greater than the Advance Payment, Customer shall pay the TrilogyNet amount of such difference within 15 business days of receipt of the Final Invoice. For the avoidance of doubt, under no circumstance shall Trilogy-Net accept the return of any portion of the (Goods and/or Services) delivered to Customer prior to the date of cancellation of the Purchase Order. Other than as expressly stated above, Trilogy-Net shall not be liable to Customer for any loss, damage or claim (including any penalty or liquidated damages) occasioned by any delay in delivery due to any unforeseen circumstance or any causes beyond the reasonable control of Trilogy-Net including but not limited to fires, strikes, accidents, transportation delays, customs delays, vehicle shortages, shortage of fuel or other material, shortage of labor, delays caused by subcontractors or suppliers, demands or requirements of any governmental authority the extent such delay or failure results from any

cause beyond its reasonable control.


8. We accept payment by credit card (a 3.5% credit card processing fee added), wire transfer (a $25.00 CAD wire transfer fee added), or cheque.


9. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% annualized) of the unpaid balance will be charged on all past due accounts, and a $45.00 charge will be applicable to all returned cheques.


10. Orders that Trilogy-Net Inc. has begun sourcing, fabricating, or assembling may not be eligible for a refund if cancelation is requested. Unused parts purchased will be shipped to the client in lieu of a refund. In compliance with section 7, all cancelations must be done in writing.


11. Consigned components will be stored in Alberta Canada.


12. Shipping costs of consigned inventory, both to and from Trilogy-Net’s facilities, are the sole responsibility of the client.


13. Finished goods are FOB Trilogy-Net Inc. location.


14. Trilogy-Net Inc. offers a 2-year warranty against Manufacturing defects on all Printed Circuit Boards (Assemblies) leaving our facility and requires a full return under our RMA system to our facility for confirmation of claim.


15. Warranty does not include errors resulting from design specifications, components, firmware, or software failures, and is void once modifications are made after leaving our facility.


16. In the event of quality disputes, a Trilogy-Net Inc. inspection will be required before determining the root cause and liability for the defect. Rework cost may be applied for parts and labor if it is deemed non-warranty work.


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