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Research & Development

Trilogy-Net continues to invest in R&D, bringing the latest technology to the electronics industry. Trilogy-Net prides itself on accomplishing what others find difficult and coming up with new solutions to existing restrictions. Here, we highlight some of the R&D projects we work on. We take pride in our statement:

The Measuring Stick” 

This is one of many areas that separates us from others and we deliver on it!

Current Research Initiatives

Vapor Phase is a reflow soldering method that helps electronic manufacturing services to efficiently reflow boards without the risk of oxidation. Its notable benefits include efficient heat transfer, applied temperature control, an ideal oxygen-free environment, gaining board real estate, and the reduction of defects.

VP Board Full_edited.png

Pre-compliance testing can help avoid costly re-testing and delays in product release. This is because it allows for early detection of emissions and immunity problems, which can be resolved during the project's first phases. Testing for device emissions and immunity at each major development stage is the best way to avoid these problems, and to reduce your time-to-market.

Logistics and Peripherals

Trilogy-Net's peripheral needs are addressed through the R&D Department. Whether its logistics, procurement, or supply chain management, our research identifies innovative methods to increase efficiency and flexibility throughout the manufacturing process. This includes the use of supporting software and documentation to supplement our logistics planning.

Supply Chain.png

Case Studies and Publications

If you are having problems with reflow defects, then vapor phase soldering (VPS) may be the best solution for your needs. Here we talk about a case where a client needed a rework due to failed solder joints caused by head-in-pillow (HiP) defects, and using VPS, the presence of HiP in their BGA/LGA connectors was greatly reduced.

Vapor Phase vs. Convection Comparison

VP Bottom right.jpg


VP Bottom Left.jpg
  • Aqueous Solder

  • Stronger bond

  • Aggresive Flux


VP Top Left.jpg
  • Same results everytime

  • No splatter

  • No dewetting


Conv Top Right.jpg


  • Dewetting Solder Splatter

  • This passes IPC Class 3 Standards

  • No-Clean Solder Paste

  • Oxidized Penny

  • Paste applied and left out on desk for 2 weeks

  • Vapor phase reflow

  • Amazing results

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