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At Trilogy-Net, we use 2D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for pre-reflow inspection on each of our SMT lines, as well as our through-hole department, to ensure that all PCB assemblies are checked for component placement, polarity, optical character recognition (OCR) and part location markings. This step allows for the early detection of defects, preventing loss of productivity and efficiency further down the manufacturing process.

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Quality Assurance

At Trilogy-Net, we prioritize your needs and strive to provide you with complete confidence in the quality of your product. Our talented technicians perform product life testing with full trust in their expertise, meeting and surpassing any required specifications by utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technology. Our 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is used to check the integrity of solder and components to identify any defects such as tombstones or open solders. When paired with our 3D-AOI, our x-ray inspection provides a guarantee of connectivity on all parts. We also perform manual inspections to preserve consistency and cultivate confidence in our process. As a result, there is no room for errors or defects and with our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we ensure maximum reliability for your products.

Peace of mind 
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Bridged heel under microscope


Bridged heel with 3D AOI


In addition to pre-reflow inspection, we also employ 3D AOI technology for post-reflow inspection. Our 3D AOI system allows us to further inspect assemblies for component placement and solder joints. This system provides us with the verification of defects down to 50 microns including the detection of tombstones, lifted leads, billboarding, solder bridging, and coplanarity.

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