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Pre-Compliance EMI Testing

At the tail end of product design and manufacturing is compliance testing, a crucial but necessary step in releasing a product to market. Pre-compliance testing helps with avoiding expensive re-testing or time delay in re-designing. We include EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing through each major development stage, preventing high failure rates and decreasing time-to-market.

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Trilogy-Net understands the importance of zero failure in the field, where optimal performance matters most. As a result, we insist on quality and reliability being at the forefront of all product development processes. Our experienced manufacturing technicians utilize rigorous and thorough testing procedures, ensuring your confidence when launching products to market. We collaborate with your team to develop and implement a testing plan that aligns with your specific requirements, customizing our manufacturing process to guarantee that the final product meets your expectations 100% of the time. Our team employs a range of testing and inspection methods through each stage of the production process, including SPI, 2D AOI, 3D AOI, in-circuit testing (ICT), functional testing (FCT), and high potential testing (dielectric tests).

Confidence in the field, When it Matters

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